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01.30.2012 , 03:58 AM | #34
Sith Inquisitor, lv 50, all done


Act one is somewhat dragged out, the ending is interesting though, then you get a few very fascinating things lorewise but it ultimately fails really building up to the last fight. As far as the fllowup story goes though which will come ventually, this is a pretty good setup.

Sith Warrior, lv 50, all done


It is a slow story that steadily builds anticipation towards the final showdown, there were a few twists to the story, one in particular was to be expected at some point but still really pissed many SW off (due to limited options on how to handle the situation), I especially liked the companion roles in the story though and the ending made my char appear to be absolutely awesome and on top of the world.

Bounty Hunter, lv 21, still on Balmorra bonus series


So far I'm chasing a guy I barely know for killing someone else I barely knew... Makos Companion quest is actually more interesting then the main story so far.