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12.08.2014 , 09:06 PM | #5
Considering current stronghold decoration limits are tied to conquest bonus, it would be nice if the current numbers were still considered 100% from conquest bonus perspective, but we could add decor beyond that number for decorative value (anything over 100% would not have an effect on conquest bonus which would be maxed at 25% per stronghold).

That way, people who were filling up their strongholds for bonus points only would not be required to come up with additional decor to get to 100% (25% bonus per sh). Those who want to create a truly unique place, would be able to continue decorating it and would have a great incentive to buy additional decor items as they become available (right now if you are at 100% and have actually thought out your design, it becomes increasingly hard to decide what to remove in order to place a new item you might have acquired or are thinking of acquiring).