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I guess you missed how every nerf/buff to classes in the game is because of PvP forums? They've been reading the PvP forums since the game released...
You probably should NOT speak in absolutes. Rage/Focus was buffed entirely because it was completely and utterly worthless in PvE. Sorc/Sage healers were nerfed in 1.2 because they were god-level PvE healers (still are, but it's better). Bloodthirst was nerfed primarily to reduce the effectiveness of stacking Maras/Sents in PvE.

But your overall point makes no sense either. Fundamentally, PvE should never require any buffs/nerfs since AI does not change. You can easily balance one rotation against another fighting dummies. PvP requires balance against all other classes as well as the ever-changing nature of a player vs. player environment.

If I nerf the damage of an ability that is used on CD and I know how much that ability is used, I can estimate the effect on overall damage output for a class in a boss fight. Because players will do things like interrupt, CC, and use defensive CDs, you cannot estimate the impact on PvP. For example, if I'm in Rage, I will use Smash on CD for maximum damage (there are exceptions with some boss mechanics, but this principal is almost always true). In PvP, I'm not going to use it on a Sin with Shroud on or a Marauder with UR on. I may be rooted or CC'd when it's available and have to wait or lose the buff before I get the chance to use it.

TL;DR Not all buffs/nerfs have been from PvP, but PvP fundamentally requires more alterations so it's not surprising that it comes mostly from that realm.
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