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Can you buy a guild ship with a 'guild of one?' Now that the price has been knocked down it might be something to do.
Yes, I did that last month. It makes for a nice, extra SH, even though it's a bit of a pain to collect decos for. I had assumed the GM could use his own cache of decos for it, but it all has to be 'donated' through the guild bank. I had wondered why people were willing to pay 100k apiece for a mailbox and legacy storage when you get that stuff for free from the intro SH mission. Now I know. Also unlike regular SHs the opening cinematic doesn't go away.

The guild is somewhat difficult to operate atm. It's imp side and I have a bunch of my imp chars in there already. Unfortunately there's about eight imps unaccounted for, because they're in other guilds. I can't add them unless I drop those guilds, which I'd rather not do, and invite someone to the guild to do it, and if I make more imp toons I'll have to do that every time.

I doubt I'll bother with all that, tbh. I only bought it as a novelty. As far as endgame content is concerned, it's much more rewarding imo to play with an [active] guild.