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I have picked up free guilds more than once.

It's just timing when someone is trying to get out of a guild that has died and are the only one left in it, or everyone left to join other guilds leaving it to one last person that needs to give ownership to someone so they can exit the guild.

Thing is you get a guild that usually has a terrible name, although the last guild I got for free was kind of funny, it's name was <Dunder Mifflin Paper Co.>. I got this guild for free, and didn't realize it was the name of the company on The Office, not until a pal explained it to me when he seen the guild tag on my character.
Huh, I hadn't known. I'd wish I could find a guild for free, I have obtained some for a fairly low price (35 mil being relatively cheap for a guild with a flagship), but never one for free.
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