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The reason you don't see healers in PVP is because as a healer you CANNOT change the tide of the battle yourself. You RELY on everyone else to kill people, you rely on everyone else to keep you alive, you rely on everyone else to defend the points.

If the rest of your team is terrible and uncoordinated (which is the case in 99% of all warzones ever) your experience as a PVP healer plummets to the point where you don't want to bother.
I admit ... I don't know much about healer classes (besides how to kill them faster ), but I see sages, scoundrels or commandos at the start of the WZ and I think there will be healing in this one just to see myself at the top of the healing numbers at the end. Which would either mean that all those "healing" classes were specced as something else (DPS) or they simply didn't heal. Please, correct if I am wrong.

I don't agree with your assessment of healer's value in WZ. To me they are probably the most important class in warzones. Imo they can have the most impact on progress of battle, which is why I would like to ask you how you would change this trend of "non-healing"?
I agree that healers get immediate attention by the other sides's DPS classes and are thus extremely hard to play well, but there has to be some solution to get healing and healers back to WZs.

PUGs will always be harder to play as a cohesive group, but that goes for all classes. Maybe healers could announce themselves at the start of the WZ and ask for a guard. They would get marked by their own team and maybe others would then start to pay more attention to them as well. Something like discussing tactics at the start which happens a lot even in a PUG.

In my experience, the lack of communication is the biggest reason for failing the WZ (PUG against pre-made is something else). Would better communication help in this case?