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I have been playing for three weeks. I like the game for the most part. I started over completely once because I didn't like the server. I have tried out a few classes to level 20 and have decided to stick with the Jedi Knight.
The only negative I would bother speaking on is the time spent in finding a group. I guess that is the time I should be focused on crafting to pass the time. On a side note: It is not so much fun having waited a half hour or so to get into a group to only be kicked out, even before the start of the mission, because you are too low level (even though you are in the required range for the mission)
I hear you, same issue here. I also found the environment not very new player friendly ( also I do not care how unfriendly other games are, I don't play them). I think it would be good to add a casual only option to group finder