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My first 50 was a shadow, I got him to cap very quickly, there weren't many other 50s at that time. Even so with non instance gear I was soloing heric 4 mans easily in balance spec. I was able to basically kite anything I didnt want to let hit me + stealth and cc ability that class is very strong.

I have a 60 sent and mara a that both run watchman/rage and all i can say is they can go toe to toe with most anything. You really dont need a healer when you are playing in watchman. I had my healer up in a spuer elite mob but he was out of range, my mara was still able to kill it solo without heals or extra dps from a companion, i have only been able to to do that while kiting with a shadow previously. Recently I have seen an absolute million of them running around. I remember in beta before they added the centering, zen mechanic sents were pretty weak. The centering mechanic however has made them pretty OP though, no other class can do that kind of sustained damage and heal + defensives. I find it weird that a watchman will out survive a guardian in solo situations. I love the class though lots of fun.

I also have an operative concealment in the 40's. Fun but compared to a sentinel it seems like you are going slow and working a lot harder to do what the sent just steamrolls through. I have a powertech in the 40s also but havent played him in a long time. When did they make the whole pyrotech tree 10m range? Totally kills it for me.

Currently I am playing a guardian focus spec and am at level 43. i love this class. I know sentinels seem to be favored much more but guardians are pretty sweet also. I havent played another class that can take out large groups of mobs faster than a focus guardian, i suppose a sent could do it also but I can imagine playing anything but watchman with one(best tree in the game imo). Dps guardians could use some more group utility to bring them in line with sentinels though.