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Wait so the 3 Assault vanguards ive played the past few days from mvp in lowbie pvp ....?

So your saying your mass recruiting assault vanguards even better !!
There's only 3 sub 50 vanguards queuing in MVP right now I think... Sagade, Ahenobarb, and myself (Vashenko).

Sagade is a recruit from the imperial side that we got when we made IMVP, he rerolled pub and made a vanguard since he played mercenary before (as J'h said)... Ahenobarb is Czevak, why he rolled a vanguard Idk but he doesn't play on pub side all that often anyway (even though he should! ). I rolled a vanguard because I already have a level 50 guardian, commando, scoundrel, gunslinger, mercenary, operative, juggernaut, marauder, and assassin. So sue me for wanting a vanguard as well.

I didn't think I'd like the vanguard at 50 so I've never really bothered with the AC till now, but I had tried my commando out as assault for a bit and I enjoyed it more than I thought and decided to level the vanguard version. C'est ca.

We have a lot of people that aren't vanguards in sub 50 also. Commandos guardians sentinels sages and a couple scoundrels all lately.
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