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Iíve read sentiments that claim that weíre afraid to ban accounts that give us money (not true), that there is no amount of cheating that will get you permanently banned (also not true), or that we should lower the bar for banning accounts and do so more freely (honestly thatís a fair debate that several of us on the team are having every month).

Iam sorry but you can't just start banning everyone you don't like without firm and confident evidence of cheating. In my experience even though i play legit many are blaming me in speed hacking (because i play sin and often get Dsync thanks to force speed) and wintrading (lately the pops are pretty low and most of people have to fight same enemies all over again so i often matched against some bad players). People are always blaming each in wintrading or other cheating when there is really no wintrade or cheating.