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There was 1 account that we permanently banned this month for repeated cheating offenses.
Woohoo. Finally.

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We know that not all of our punishments are completely effective at changing bad behavior, but we have pretty good evidence that many of them are.
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At the end of the day, the primary reason that we are not more regularly banning accounts is that very few cross that line after their first punishment.
These statements worry me. I think you have more confidence than you should that those accounts have stopped engaging in bad behavior. For example, I know of several ranked wintraders that got a lenient first punishment for fairly blatant wintrading. Since then, it's true that they almost certainly have not engaged in that same form of blatant wintrading, but they still wintrade. They get friends to queue with them and perform well when they're on the same team, and appreciably worse when they are on opposite teams. I understand that this sort of wintrading is the hardest to detect, but it is absolutely happening, and at least in some cases by players that have previously gotten punished for wintrading. There is a top 3 jugg on Star Forge that has wintraded his way to that rating, without question.

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or that we should lower the bar for banning accounts and do so more freely (honestly that’s a fair debate that several of us on the team are having every month).
Please keep having this debate! If people are knowingly wintrading and rulebreaking, I don't think much leniency is justified. Other games do not hesitate to punish cheaters harshly.

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Look for an extra report later this month regarding another special investigation we’re wrapping up. *Spoiler Alert* There will be bans.
Looking forward to it. This was your best report yet. Keep it up.