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Hello there Crafters!

Thanks very much for your reports! I have an update with regards to these bugs and would also like your help confirming the behavior of one of them on your end:

First, Arkanian and Underworld Relics should not be Bind on Pickup. This is definitely a bug, and we've fixed them to be Bind on Equip for Game Update 2.2.1.

Secondly, for the issue where Reverse Engineering Underworld Relics gives an error message and does not provide materials, we are finding in internal testing that the schematics are still learned upon successful attempts, and a success message is still given. If you're a player that has experienced this bug along with a successful schematic message, will you please post to tell us whether or not you're learning the schematic?

We appreciate any assistance you can provide with the question above.

Double post. Sorry.
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