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02.13.2013 , 08:14 AM | #1
This is getting really old really fast and frankly I am getting to the point where I just wana walk away from the game.

How did you guys sit down and say hey I got a great Idea. Let make an event in a PvP area for PvE servers and then force PvP down our players throats? I am truely getting sick of limited time events that seem to be created with no other goal in mind then grieving players.

I was in a group doing the heroic PvE daily. Guess what a pile of toolbox Flagged Pubs come running up and jump into the AoEs we are using on the mobs in a PvE fight in a PvE area to flag us and kill us thus stopping our group from being able to complete our PvE missions. Great Job BW letting player screw others and prevent them from progressing.

I am happy you made some PvP and some PvE the idea was great however you failed to keep the player in control of what they want to do. If I wana do just the PvE mission well guess what I cant cause I have to worry about toolboxs waiting around to flag and kill me with bugs and exploits.

And great job changing ilum into a giant PD free for all. Casue there nothing that screams 2 factions at war like getting ganked by your own side.

Cartel packs rly I mean rly? Did you just lanch a pack with all the items you had removed that nobody wanted from the packs b4 and call it new. Every "classic" item was already in other packs and removed. But now you got them taking up space and chances for anything new.

And btw changing the color doesnt mean its new.

What a Joke.