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Last time I checked you can only used the jawa junk for the basic 186 gear. You can't use them to craft endgame gear. Which btw the 186 gear is already a plethora because of how easy it is to make them. The slit machines will not change that.

Also you can easily get more jawa junk for crafting materials just from buying hypercrates at the same pace (if not faster) than the slot machines. And that's been around since jaww junk was introduce with strongholds.

Its not that serious and it doesn't need to be fixed
You can't compare "buying hypercrates" to clicking a button. Hypercrates cost you hundreds of dollars, or millions upon millions of ingame credits. The slot machine is 500 credits per token, is A LOT faster and way more profitable. The drop percentages are ridiculous.

Do some reading.
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