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My hat off to people who play dedicated tanks...So to all you people who play tanks, thank you and I know exactly how you feel and why some of you give up to go play dps classes instead.
Thanks and to you too for doing so too. When I started my Jug, I designed him to be nothing but a pure tank. I filled out the Immortal tree with some points in the other trees after reach 50. I've not looked back. When I needed DPS I ran with Jaesa and do so now all the time. Put guard on her, I keep the mobs busy and she burns them down for me. When my guild mates Ops/FPs I tank all the time. Even when I PuG PvP, I put my guard on the healer and stay close them while spamming my taunts as often as necessary and become an aggro sponge. If I can keep 4 or 5 on me in PvP I'm doing my job as a Tank. It's not about damage as a tank as it is protecting the team. I accepted that fact long ago when I first started tanking in CoH/CoV. I love tanking regardless of how awful others think it is. It's the challenge tanking offers that I really enjoy.
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