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Well, let's look at this quote...

"No game of dejarik can be won without pawns... and this may prove to be a very long game." ~ Kreia

...guess who the pawns are in this game of good vs evil. And what happens when a pawn reaches the other side of the board?

Now yes, I'm just over-simplifying it, but this is a work of fiction with little in the way of real world similarities.

In the Star Wars universe, one can go on a few mass murdering sprees, then be redeemed by getting rid of one person (Anakin shows us as much).

All that said, I wouldn't say "may or may not" but rather "will and no doubt" Why? Because it's their culture, and there are going to be those who don't want to adapt to a new culture.
'It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever.' ~ Kreia.

It is in their culture to be barbaric and warlike and they may very well seek revenge, but cultures can be changed and those oppressed by the Sith may be more than willing to change it and those not tainted by the dark side (i.e. non-Force users) and not members of the military are more likely to give up their traditions for a potentially better lifestyle.

Showing mercy would make them more inclined to look favorably upon the Republic, while slaughtering them in a ruthless act of genocide is only going to cause those who inevitably slip through the cracks seek revenge i.e. the resurgent Sith Empire.