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Reconciliation? Not everyone on the Sith planets are psychotic killers, many are simple peasants, some are children. These people can be saved. Rather than leaving them on Korriban or simply killing them they could have tried to assimilate the people into their own nation, like the Romans did to many of the countries they conquered. Let's also remember that Korriban was not the only planet to be wiped clean, other Sith worlds were targeted as well.

Your also making the assumption that Korriban is just a Sith Academy with a graveyard. Its not, there are settlements and civilizations with people just as normal as those we encounter on Dromund Kaas. Devoted to the Sith yes, but not beyond saving, and certainly not evil.

What they did would be the same as the TOR Republic after defeating the Sith Empire, invading Dromund Kaas and Ziost and exterminating everyone and raising buildings to the ground. Would that be acceptable?
Yes. Because there's never anyone in that group you just rescued from evil, who didn't have a family member who was evil, and decides, "I don't care if he/she was evil, that was my mom/dad/sister/brother/grandma/grandpa, and I want revenge."
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