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I don't know why people think Starkiller didn't bring down that StarDestroyer.

Because I sure did!

Gravity helped once I got it to free fall!

Anyways, I read some of the books with Jaina Solo and played as Galen Marak/Starkiller on Forced Unleashed. I'd have to say, I think Galen would win. My reason really is due to his force powers not so much his light saber skills. He doesn't have all these crazy powers. But the few he did have he pretty much perfected! While Jaina maybe be great as a pilot, we are talking about ground combat I assume. Where Jaina has great skill with a light saber. Galen was also trained by Vader! So I have to say that's a win for Galen.

They way I see it going down is, they both go straight to a lightsaber fight dueling it out. After a couple of swipes and near death experiences. Galen has to use his powers to win. Because Jaina is just too strong! And Jaina based off of only the books I read, doesn't really have much of a defense against force powers. As Galens' is just too great. So unless she has some crazy special ability I don't know of or a way to get close enough to kill Galen; he wins.

or she runs away (tactical retreat) jumps into a fighter and blasts him from the air!!! LOL
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