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Well I disagree Marcelo I think your arguments are pretty superficial once you get to it, as you got them mostly from gameplay perspective. Jaina on the other hand is more fleshed out character and she has a unique ability against Galen which is Shatterpoint technique.

Galen and Jaina are both wrecking balls of the force but Jaina has a slight advantage in my opinion.
Now I agree with you. I'm not saying that Jaina can't win. But some people stated that Jaina would kill Marek with one hand tied to the back, wich is absurd. Someone here literally said that Marek is only "slightly above average", I just can't such a nonsense like that and keep quiet.

But yes, the two are very powerful, and we would have a fierce and spectacular fight. But I still would give the advantage to Marek. He says a lot more skill as a swrodsman and has pretty overwhelming powers. And after turning to the light side, he mastered the precognition hability. And I'm not saying that from gameplay perspective, since gameplay is non-canon. All the references are taken from cutscenes from the game, wich are canon, or the novelization.