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04.18.2014 , 11:08 AM | #20
The overall difficulty on Makeb is indeed a little higher - but still, you should be by long lv. 55 when you get there. I donīt know why the level should be a problem there. I played up to Makeb with 6 characters until now - they all hit lv. 55 already at the beginning of Corellia (that means even before finishing the story quests). After Corellia still comes the whole Ilum-Questline, then the Black Hole and Section X-Dailies and so on. Arriving on Makeb it felt already an eternity since I had reached lv. 55. And by the way: without ever having used xp-boosts or ever having played on double xp weekends (which are in my opinion the most useless thing since the game gives sufficient xp anyway)

Unless, of course, you belong to the "content-skipping" faction - then of course things can look pretty different. There are people that skip whole quest lines and I have even heard of those skipping whole planets - of course if you do that you should not complain that Makeb proves too difficult.