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Ok so I really don't know what to make of most of those values (I have nothing to compare them to right now). But some of those item ratings are basically level 50 entry gear (<120). So it's not surprising you're having trouble on Makeb. For a quick and easy powerup I'd say look up on the GTN for [microfilament] implants and earpieces with willpower on them. The blue ones tend to go for very cheap on my server...
Your rating 140 lightsaber hilt should be good enough for now, try to get an equally good armoring for your focus. Or you can spend a bit for a resolve hilt 28 (rating 156) which crafters can make for cheap (~15-40k depending on the market).
The rating of your mainhand and offhand items are very important for your damage and healing output. Your armor rating doesn't matter so much because no matter what it is, you will always be a squishy sage.

For the rest of your gear you can either upgrade it with planetary commendations through the makeb vendor, or just look for green lvl51+ items on the GTN as a temporary stepping stone.
Once you're geared enough to handle Makeb, you can head to Oricon to get your free 5 pieces of rating 156 gear, which should make everything else much easier.