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As for a couple of things off the top, my gear is orange gear, I will check the lvl but it's mod'd pretty well. That said, I only have 17k health for a lvl 55 Jedi Sage. That could be my problem. I'm noticing I'm only doing around 750 dps which seems very low.

As for the other planets, I've not really had much of a problem for the most part.
That does sound rather low. The best gear you can get that is 'easily' obtainable (ie not spending boatloads of cash or being carried through ops) is from the Makeb planetary comm vendor. A mostly full mod loadout of that gear generally puts my 50-55 characters in the low 20k HP and around 1-1.2k base damage on the character sheet. There's other gear that is a bit easier to obtain, but if you are having issues with Makeb, the Oricon story missions will tear you apart.

I kind of hate to echo what someone else said, but it does also sound like you need to optimize your rotation a bit and make sure you're making use of your defensive cooldowns and crowd control a bit better.
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