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Oriconian gear can only be purchased with ultimate comms. Its the set bonus-less and unoptimized version of Dread Forged. Its not the same thing as the gear you get during the Oricon story missions . The one-time oricon story missions award artifact gear containers which have purple (artifact) rating 66 gear ... basically, its the original "Basic" gear you could purchase with basic comms when Makeb first came out. When the Dread Fortress/Palace operations and the Oricon daily area came, they moved commendations up a tier so that Basic comms now buys Black Market (the set bonus-less and unoptimized version of Arkanian) gear. The same rating 66 gear can be crafted by the appropriate crafters (always could once Makeb launched) with regular grade 9 materials.

If you can find the crafted item modifications, there is no need to do the one-time oricon story missions just to get the artifact gear containers. However, they do award basic comms which you can use to get yourself a Black Market (rating 69) set which will be more than sufficient for Makeb story missions. However, if you are having trouble with the Makeb story missions you'll have loads of trouble on Oricon, so its a moot point anyway.

However you acquire them, blue or purple rating 66 stuff should be more than adequate for Makeb story missions. They're craftable and tradeable so no need to spend any comms on them. Purple rating 66 stuff is considered entry level for HM 55 flashpoints except the two Czerka ones. Make sure you are using chilled corellian cocktail for the presence buff and the stim applicable to your class and make sure your companion's gear is up to date too.