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My Merc healer in almost full 72 has about 36k, augs and all, in Oricon gear I had about 24k. Only thing I can think of that might come close to these numbers is a Tank. and even then it would be what 30k max?
Where did you pull that 32k from?Endurance heavy 69 blues?
Well now I'm even more confused by your statement.
My numbers are about (assuming trooper/BH buff is present) :

Oricon (artifact) + Microfilament + Campaign / Dread guard relics + Grade 28 Barrels / Hilts =~27-28k HP (no augments) for DPS/Heal. Good to go for HM FPs and S&V/TFB.

Full Verpine =~ 32k HP (no augments) for DPS/Heal.

Full Oriconian must be about 37-38k HP before augments.

14 mainstat augments = 2800 extra HP.