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04.05.2014 , 07:46 AM | #16
Okay, so for my gear I'm wearing "Omenbringer's Robe" (not sure how to link armor in here). Traditional vine-silk gloves 285 armor, 111 endurance on them. Omenbringer's legwraps 356 armor 112 rating 91 endurance
stats 456 armor, (rating 140). Enshrouding force boots 116 rating 237 armor 83 endurance. Vinidicator's Lightsaber. 140 rating 119 endurance. Not sure if this helps in what my issue is. I'm going to look for gear now.

During questing, in comparing my gear to quest rewards/drops my gear has always shown higher stats.

bonus damage 608.2
bonus healing 438.8
accuracy: 103.00%
Critical chanceL 12.54
Critical Multiplier: 63.20
force regen 8.3
alacrity: 3.15%

As for the L2P comment, that's not far off from what I need to do. I do love this game and I'm really trying to learn how to play the game and this character. So thank you for all the help people have offered so far.