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ē Donít joust against opponents without Distortion Field available.
Not 100% sure I agree, use of retro thrusters and boost can minimize your damage taken.

I read the t2 scout section (because that's what I mean), and while I largely agree with your points, I think you don't do enough justice to other builds... but if that's my only criticism for a first draft, I'd say things are fine. I'd really like to see more love for bursts and pods, though (the latter of which go well with quads and barrel roll, though perhaps not so much post-nerf).

Edit: I rescinded the following paragraphs later in this thread.

I do have one major complaint, though: with regards to targeting telemetry, please don't encourage people to use objectively bad components. I had a mathy thread about this a while ago, but the tl;dr is that +25% surge +15% accuracy +10% crit just flat out does not ever compare to +33% rate of fire +10% damage.

+33% rate of fire is amazing. It always surprises me when people don't get this. Imagine if you were in the ground game and your class suddenly got an ability that was off the GCD, had a 4.5 second cooldown, and did damage equal to your DPS over the last 4 seconds. That's crazy good. That's how good rate of fire buffs are. Even more importantly, such a huge rate of fire increase means that your burst with no crits will kill faster than anything but telemetry with full crits -- but I don't think I need to do math to point out how unreliable that is.

And then you add in the +10% damage and the niche utility of being able to regen weapon power as you enter a new engagement. Compare that to Telemetry's niche utility, which flat out does nothing without infiltrators.

The only time telemetry pulls ahead in DPS is when your relative accuracy (i.e. weapon accuracy minus target's evasion) is under 70%, which is pretty rare given actual accuracy and evasion values (especially with precision and post-nerf dfield etc).
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