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I'm done arguing semantics. You don't live here so you have no authority to judge our government. I don't give two flips about the Roman Empire. One government's success or failure does not dictate the validity or success of another following a similar model. I'm not saying the USA is completely the shining beacon everyone makes it out to be. The way our forefather's obtained the land we live on and the way we treat the ancestors of the people that lived here before is nothing to be proud of. But even in SWTOR the "Republic" is good, and the "Empire" is bad. This is why people take offense to being called an Empire. If the United States is such a big horrible place that warrants comparison to the Roman Empire, why are so many waiting in line to live here?
Empires aren't necessarily bad.
I'll stop beating this dead horse, but not without leaving you this link for your inspection, first.