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Man, Corso not-around-ladies sounds a lot less creepy and over-bearing than Corso around-ladies. I'd reroll my Smuggler, but man-Smug has a very underwhelming voice.
Also, is it Spring yet? D:
Oh! I just had an idea What if one of your available [Flirt]s (and let's assume that Bioware actually gives a piece of cheesecake and has made these romance storylines rather than the single [Flirt]s they've already said they are) is a member of the militia that's out there and they're wearing one of those AWESOME berets and then at the end of the romance and you talk about seeing each other again or something you get their beret as a reminder of them
And it's a moddable beret, so unlike the companion gifts you can actually use it and show it off. OR Bioware adds in little ship customisations, so you can have a hat stand in your bedroom and you can put the beret there.
I really love this suggestion. Reminds me of the red scarf and belt pouch that Fenris got to wear after he had entered the romance with my Hawke.

That was the most beautiful thing ever.

Both things belonged to Hawke, were shown to be in his possession before, but after the romance was initated, Fenris suddenly wore that scarf around his wrist and the belt pouch was attached to bis belt.

There was no explanation given, which I found even sweeter, since it left how he obtained those things up to your imagination. He may have asked for them, Hawke may have given them to him as a gift, he may have smuggled them out of the bedroom, we don't know. What we know is it was meant as a sweet and intimate way of indicating they were in a romance together.

Don't you want to add that idea to the Romance suggestion thread in my sig?

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OR you could leave it lying on the chair, and the ship's cat could sleep on it !
I just love your obsession with the ship cat. I wish we'd get some.