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01.15.2015 , 03:53 AM | #1
Well since noone revealed it yet I might as well do it.

Cartel Slot Machine ruined all the material hunting bussiness. You can get like 10 Jawa Junk per 50k in like 10 minutes ...

That pretty much destroyed whole gathering/crafting economy. I personally lost like 10 millions invested in TH missions unlock, crafting mats for artificier etc ...

Just short comparison ... while getting 50 Jawa Junk (cost about 250k) I ve been running nonstop 6 comps on TH (not unlockables) missions, got NOT a single Midlithe from gathering missions.

It COMPLETELY removed the need for having gathering crew skills.

Price went from 50k per piece yesterday to 18k today ... and is dropping still. Takes around maybe an hour to hour and half to make aforementioned 50 Jawa Junk which is equivalent of 5 characters from top 10 competing guilds on server winning reward in Conquest ... which is really hard work and lots and lots of hours not to mention if one character was doing it it would take 5 weeks, and of course only if his guild wins and he contributes enough point to get guild reward ... but now ... lets just play slots for an hour instead of 5 week grind ... I think thats slap into face of people doing conquest, people doing crew missions and of course all the crafters, who paid dearly for resources and now their products are selling for less than half of the initial materials purchases.

Possible quick fixes - change drop rate from slot machine, increase price of cartel coin, do strong diminishing return for slot player ...