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09.24.2012 , 06:44 AM | #33
Which is why we should focus not on taking away, with any suggestion... not just this one, aspects of the game that already exist, but look at how we can use the same systems to create new game expereicnes for people who would like something else.

This minimises the amount of development work that needs to be done to add the change, while keeping the game available in the same way for people who are already enjoying what they have.

I think my suggestion accomplishes that. By adding 'warzones' where you play as your ship AND creating one or more 'free space' zones where instead of going to a planet as your avatar you go to a 'space zone' as your ship we allow people to have additional experiences while preserving the original ones.

And these zones and their use would help extend the 'endgame' so that players have more to do and this, hopefully, helps keep them engaged and playing.