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I enjoyed the space game in SWG very much.


We already pay to play SWTOR, so why would EA vest the time and resources into a project like this.

SWG space was pretty fun but it did very little to help the population there, so it's doubtfull that space would bring an influx of the playerbase.

The majority of MMO players lean toward fantasy games so space content isnt that great a deal to them, and once again the starwars fans are already here and aleady paying so the incentive for EA is very low.

(I do like your ideas, i just dont think EA is focused much on that kind of stuff)
Space combat would bind the people that are still here atleast, imagine if they could make it like two guild capital ships fighting eachother it would be great fun and much more entertaining and will need skill and effort so that it can be done heres how it should basicly look
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