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01.31.2013 , 12:17 AM | #446
Honestly, I don't mind the idea of a different approach to DPS between classes. Some ACs can be more about burst while others are more about sustained damage. Our filler abilities aren't as weak as some other classes, but we don't have abilities that hit as hard as their hardest hitting ones. Fine. But you still need to balance these concepts. Our DPS is slightly behind in PvE because our sustained DPS is just a bit too low. PvP is another matter. Burst is more important. I think the best answer may just be to decrease how often the burst classes get to take advantage of their best abilities. This would lower their DPS to our level in PvE and negate some of the PvP advantage they get.

I don't see that happening because it would infuriate too many people. So in lieu of that, I'd accept a slight damage buff that would close the PvE gap along with some sort of tool for PvP survivability.