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These are the things I could think of that would cause him to get so many mails when he starts a new character:

1. Collector's Edition/DDE items
2. Founder Title
3. Pre-order Bonus crystal
4. 1.2 Legacy Tauntaun pet
5. Party Jawa
6. Hero's Banner
7. Razer naga color crystal (unsure if this one comes in a mail or not)

Any more than that, I haven't the foggiest. I personally get the first six on any character I make.

As others have said, companions are buffed by the 'presence' stat. It improves their health, damage, and healing by a certain amount. Reaching level 50 (not finishing the story) with a human unlocks a bonus of 100 presence for the legacy (since humans can already be every class). Finishing a companion's quests also gives a +10 bonus for each companion fleshed out this way. So if you raise a human trooper (for example) to level 50 and finish all of your companion's quests, your next character will have a bonus of 150 presence.
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