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That's odd. While I didn't dig him, I don't see why he shouldn't be an option.
Should they rework old companions, they should definitely make him available, if only for OGR.
I'd think this would work better than SGR for him anyhow.
My thought on it is that for the characters who aren't current LIs, there wouldn't need to be much of a rework. Scourge and Zenith (the two top picks on my wishlist for OGR ) don't really warm up to the player till the end of Ch3, so it would actually make sense if their romance arcs started in Ch4. Talos, Pierce....

Now for the characters who are current LIs, reworking makes sense to include SGR options for those who want it, possibly with a reset option for companion conversations for existing toons. That would make sense to me.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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