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Unless I'm misremembering, when the Inquisitor is running around the galaxy collecting all of the artifact fragments, it's to attempt the body-transfer once the pieces have all been assembled. The pieces were scattered eons ago by Tulak Hord (and his rivals), so if anyone else even attempted the ritual previously, it was him, and the game makes no mention of this either way.

Zash has been keeping herself young and attractive by Dark Side sorcery/alchemy and sheer force of will, but when the ritual is about to start, she drops all pretense of keeping up her appearance, in order to channel her strength into defeating her apprentice.

What I would like to know is if the apprentice retains the artifact pieces and ritual notes, for possible use at a later date. Granted, we'd never see this in-game, but it's a point of curiosity for me.
The Apprentice would have to be very careful. I'd imagine the Emperor wouldn't tolerate another immortal in his Empire.