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By name, strongholds are listed as belonging to a single character (e.g., "Mireleni's Galactic Stronghold"), but in implementation, strongholds belong to your legacy, and all of your characters will be able to interact with your stronghold with the same privileges (you can put in decorations and invite people there on any of your toons). The one snag is that if you buy one of the capital world strongholds (Kaas City or Coruscant), your characters from the opposing faction will need to pay a small fee to be "smuggled" onto that capital world. The advantage of these strongholds, though, is that they are cheap to buy.

You probably bought either the Kaas City or Coruscant stronghold (depending on which faction you were using), which is why when you looked into buying another stronghold they were very expensive, because the only ones left for you to buy on that same faction are the much pricier Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa (these are faction-less strongholds that anyone can visit without paying a smuggling fee). But all of your characters can share the stronghold you have already, unless you have characters on the other faction that you don't want to have to pay the fee to shuttle them there all the time.
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