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Why is this Alex guy still replying to every topic he has no knowledge about. Can we get any decents player opinion on this forum? I can see one guy here that knows what heís talking about.
And yeah Alex cuz when I offend you I must be a win trader aswell heh

A win trader s1-s11.
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They did a few mistakes with their last bans this year. Starting with closing accounts for several named reasons. And with several named reasons I mean literally a list of reasons that you maybe Exploited, cheated, win traded or shared accounts. They sent an email of which you canít tell exactly why you got punished. Okay we gotta be fair - I bet a lot of people did all of these things on one account. But you get what I mean. Not starting with false bans and unbanning players.
Looks like someone's still cranky they got punished for wintrading lol.