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Reading all this, makes me a bit disappointed.
So, if i have never played any MMO and only completed the class mission to level 50, upgrading the armor and other stats wherever possible (as the game allowed - rather normal for RPG) , I understand that no one would ever be interested in playing with me, because I'm "undergeared". What a.....

Then, again, how am i supposed to even start playing the MMO content if I cannot, because the MMO players would reject me?
IF the game is for everyone, there must be a way to be able to play MMO parts being the beginner.
i do not think there are people ALREADY "geared" to MMO at the MMO content beginning...

Or i misunderstand the concept completely...?
When my first toon hit 50, I used the group finder to queue for story mode level 50 flashpoints. This helps give you a feel for working with a team to conquer content, and it also gives you some decent gear (Tionese). You can also do the daily missions on Belsavis, Ilum and Black Hole, which will get you commendations to buy better gear.

Optionally, the Recruit PvP vendor will provide free (as of 1.3) replacements for your worst pieces of gear. It is easy to get PvE gear from dailies and story mode flashpoints, so it really isn't needed to get a FULL set of recruit pvp gear, but you can shortcut the gearing process by replacing your worst gear right away.

This will get you into Hard Mode Flashpoints and to Columi.

The fastest approach to doing this process is with friends or with a guild, but you can also use the group finder and meet new people. Some may turn their nose at newer players, but there are plenty that will help you out, give you tips, etc. Most encounters in end game rely more on player skill, coordination, and strategy than in having super gear.

I wish you luck -- as someone who bought TOR only for the single player experience, I've discovered I really enjoy grouping with others and doing HM FPs and Ops. When I'm with a good group of people I actually have more fun doing end game than I did with the solo content, which really surprised me.