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so in the gree event description it discusses learning what the gree are up to, i have done all the content except for xeno hm so i thought i would know if it was revealed what they are doing

but just in case i dont i ask in chat, all i get is the trollish "they say so on fleet" i honestly cant believe people are so naive, anyway i also think they are

A. being forced to do this by the dreadmaster against their will

B. they are planning an invasion

A is more likely i think
So the only problem with theory A is 1) it seemed like the Dreadmasters were so absurdly powerful in the final EC cutscene that they really don't care about our fighting capabilities (part of why killing 3 of them in TFB seems so absurd to me. I guess there's 8 of us but still). And 2) if the dreadmasters are controlling the gree, why did the gree come get us to help them on Astasion? I just think B, or a completely unknown option C, is way more likely at the moment (Possibly the dreadmasters were trying to stop the gree for the good of the galaxy? Though that seems HIGHLY unlikely).