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armstech would be the best since you can make augments and kits. biochem is ok but the re chances are really really poor for purples or have been for myself and a few friends. besides at 55 the blues are much better stat wise than the purples and with the last changes are now really cheap to buy.

i suppose the artificer could make the kits but getting arch mats are mission only as compared to killing droids. at 55 there are tons of droids to scavenge while doing dailies.

there really isn't a bad choice between the two you have listed. it is just a matter of what is easier and more useful right away. you can always unlearn the skills later if need be.
Just to clarify, biochem has the same RE percentage as any other crew skill.

The purple (reusable) potions have the same stats as the blue potions, only they are reusable.

I would strongly recommend Biochem, as it will be far more useful to you than Armstech. I have toons with both at 450, so this is an informed opinion.