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01.20.2013 , 11:20 PM | #24
I know you really think you saw the sniper pull you, but Enexemander is right. Powertech was probably falling from one of the platforms as he pulled you. It's common in huttball when someone goes from one plane to another that they become completely invisible to your screen for a few seconds. You landed next to the sniper and the powertech probably landed in the pit. There is no item or hack that would allow a sniper to pull anyone, not to mention no one else on your team seemed to notice being pulled by a sniper. If he was willing to use this hacked pull on you, then he would be more than willing to use it on ball carriers and such. Don't report some random guy for hacking when he didn't do anything wrong.

Also this assuming you actually knew the guy you thought did this was actually a sniper and wasn't a vanguard that looked like one.