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if u fine gentlemen read all the posts you will find ive already stated there was no one remotely close to us..

it was a sniper on one side of the flame to the side and me on the other.. he pulled me about 5 yards forward and off my ledge

i know what happend, i know what class he was, and i know there were no other classes near us.. especially no powertechs (again the pull had a mechanal sound)

u all can argue all u want all i needed to know was if it were possible or if there was some item in game i didnt know about....

now i know he was hacking and i will be filing a report which i dont generally do but seeing as to egregious nature of this hack and the already questionable situations revolving his rated team my decision is easy
Ok, are you absolutely, unequivocally sure that it was, indeed, a sniper?

Quite a few of the assault rifles look like sniper rifles and now thanks to the cartel market, you have VGs in sniper looking outfits.

Just thought I'd ask because it sounds to me like more of a case of mistaken identity than an actual hack.