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He wasn't hacking.

You had something happen that you don't understand. The sniper didn't pull you (and wouldn't want to even if he could). You either got knocked back or a tank pulled you while he was jumping down.

Just something to note- Teams with marauders aren't speed hacking, they have predation. Operatives have a sprint. Etc etc.

I don't even think there IS a hack to give your class abilities it shouldn't have. Speed hacks are made by tricking the server into thinking you're somewhere you're not. That's a very simple manipulation. Giving a sniper a pull is several steps above that.

Here's what actually happened (and something I do on my assassin all the time) - The tank pulled you while he was in midair and you landed in front of the sniper.

End of story.
dont insult me, ive done my share of warzones.
i know what i saw.
i know who was around.
it was a sniper.... he targeted me, and used a pull mechanic which hurled me off ledge toward him.. it had a mechanical sound like a vangaurds pull

so no there was no assasin, or jugg