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11.18.2012 , 12:11 AM | #1
Hi there! As the tile of this thread says, I am looking for a guild to join on this server. Specifically, an Rp guild on the republic side. I am a big fan of playing Jedi characters, so any guild that caters to that would be super awesome and amazing.

Honestly, I do actually -play- the game a whole lot in the traditional sense. I don't care too much for flashpoints and raids and the like, though I am willing to do them on occasion, and I rarely -actually- level unless it is to get gear for rp. But I absolutely love and adore rp, and would spend pretty much my whole life doing just that if it was possible.

A little more about me:

* I go by Dean.
* I am FtM transgendered.
*I am actual on the American side of the world, but due to my work schedual, I am on at times that don't work too well with american servers (between 3 and 5 pm CET to 8:30 pm CET or so). Hence my looking for a guild on this side of the world, so to speak.
*I am generally super hyper. Be forewarned.
*I LOVE rp. I don't think I can possibly stress that enough.
*I have a dog named fish.
*I have been rping pretty much constantly for the past 10 years or so on forums. I am something of a newcomer to in game rp, but have been doing that for the past year and a half or so.
*I have been around on this game since day one. Started over on Begeren Colony, and though I love my guild there, I am no longer able to be on when there are other people on due to work.

Things I need in a guild:

* Rp! Lots of Rp!
*Fun people who like conversation.
* A guild with people who are on around the time I can be online.