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The lack of larger numbers is coming from a lack of stats on gear, not the itemization of your augments. Because of the talent and sorc buff, the bonus healing acquired via willpower is nearly that of power, so willpower augments remain the preferred choice because of the additional crit. What you need to look at is the stat allocation of the mods on your gear. Rakata had terrible itemization, which was not improved much in black hole. However, because black hole can be obtained without stepping foot into an operation, this is justified. As such, you need to do a lot of mod swapping with black hole pieces to get the kind of mods you need, often times only being able to use one of the three mods from a given piece. The high power/will power mods are of utmost importance, as well as the power/surge and power/alacrity enhancements.

Top tier sorcs can get over 2200 willpower, which you are quite far away from. Also, I'm not sure what your alacrity rating is but your surge is also rather low, as most people like to get to at least 75%. That 6% increase there will be a good boost for your healing crits, on top of other improvements you can make. One of the things to look out for is endurance heavy mods, which you do not want. Any prioritization of endurance in a mod detracts from the stats that increase your healing, and black hole gear is riddled with them.