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Yes, I've not come across an untrustworthy crafter yet on my server. It would be very difficult to make any sensible gain if you tried to cheat people out of mats as they would surely spam their name all over general for doing so.
I'd have to agree that most crafters are trustworthy. Although, there are some people who are a bit too trusting.

About a month ago I finished a weekly Op with a PUG. I got back to fleet and advertised what I could craft for people. I got a tell from someone I just raided with (never met them before) saying they needed me to make a ton of mods for them. I was thinking 2 or maybe 3 but I met him over at the guild bank and was absolutely shocked when he opened trade. He put up 72 stabilizers, 72 mandalorian iron, 108 durasteel, and 108 zal alloy. He wanted 18 mods! This was from someone who I had 'known' in an op for maybe a half hour.

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If we're talking about Cybertech, it's a bit more than that. Those crafts have a 10% base crit chance, plus 5% from 10k affection from companion, plus 5% from the legacy droid part, plus the legacy perk for another 3%. So for armorings and mods is 23%
This is where you sometimes hate the RNG. Of those 18 mods above, I crit on only TWO of them.