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legacy perk is for augment slots only. please let me know when this was changed to additional items too.

but as to the critting of the item, doesnt the person who gave the mats actually is entitled to the critted item too if the mats were used in the making of the item he received which critted? specifically if there was no agreement made one way or the other prior to making the item. just asking the question and am curious as to the rational of some answers to this. personally i dont care one way or another as i dont craft on consignment. but it is something to think about.
You probably come from WoW where that debate has been long fought without a real resolution...

In a game like WoW where a player can give another player materials and 10 seconds later get an item there is more strength to that argument. But even then, it really all depends on the two players who agree to work together. there are a myriad of possible agreements too numerous to list here. Suffice it to say that the two participants have to agree to the terms. Personally, I had too many bad experiences with players wanting me to craft stuff for them. Which is why I focused my efforts to acquiring my own materials, crafting stuff, and selling it on the auction house.

In a game like SWTOR where crafting high level items takes an hour or more, the overwhelming majority of the time players with materials are trading those materials for an already completed finished good; an "even swap" as it were. What the crafter player does with those materials is beyond the scope of the player with the materials needs to know; especially when there is no fee involved. But again, it boils down to what the players are willing to agree to. If you, as the materials player, is willing to trade/send those materials to a crafter and wait a long time to get the finished good and the crafter is willing to give you back whatever results are generated...good for you. But you materials player will have to trust the crafter player enough to accept what he gives you as the results of crafting with your materials. Not so easy with strangers.

Crafting for guildmates is a COMPLETELY different set of circumstances. They have the materials, you have the recipe/schematic. You are supposed to be friendly; you can trust your guildmate. So sending materials to be crafted into a finished good, a guildmate should give all the crafted results.