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My personal interpretation of Jaesa Wisam is not that she is weak (in terms of personality) but rather that she is looking for one thing she can truely rely on.

See the main thing to keep in mind is her power, to see the truth of people. That's an awesome power but the phrase "so sharp you'll cut yourself" comes into my mind or to quote House M.D: "Everyone lies".

Imagine going through life being able to see through people. Sensing the everyday lies the tell. For example take a look at Jaesa's parents. They may have loved her but they were perfectly willing to take advantage of her "gift" to improve their own status. How do you think Jaesa felt when she saw (at a young age) that greed in her parents? That they were using her?

Same thing when she served the "good organa" noble woman? Organa's are noble and pure right? But she was just as mired in the muck of politics and raising her own station as the other nobles.

Now come the Jedi and her master Nomen Karr... Remember her line about Jedi being pure? About supposedly being able to trust them? Same thing with the light being stronger then the dark and the darkness inside her master.

Quite frankly Karr was the absolute worse master for her in that sense. Someone who was looking to take advantage of Jaesa for his own motivations and dishonest about himself to himself.

"I thought I found something I could count on. The Jedi are...pure. Your supposed to know where you stand with them right?"

"Was it all lies? Everything."

"All my life I have put up with deciet and deinal...I thought the jedi would be different"

But upon being turned to the dark side by the SW?

"The fear you inspire forces TRUTH to the surace. I want that"

"At last I feel a sense of purpose, somthing I can count on."

See the SW is for the most part (brutally) honest with her.

You might say that how can you trust a lying cheating etc dark sider? But that's the thing. You can trust a snake in the grass to be a snake in the grass. You can trust a used car salesman to sell you a lemon. You can trust the darksider to be a darksider.

The people you trust to be pure, noble and good though? Can you trust them to be that way? Do you EXPECT your friend to sell you a lemon?

What I am trying to say is that it's not so much pleasing others that's Jaesa's flaw. It's that need to have something reliable, something she can believe in. To be fair given her powers it's an understandable flaw. Seeing deciet EVERYWHERE and then finding one person who doesn't practice it (in terms of self-deciet) is probably a relief.

To put it in terms of Kira though:

Imagine if she had the same power as Jaesa and that when she first joined the Jedi order she would see selfishness, darkness, envy in her master? Talk about dashing a person's hopes right?