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05.23.2014 , 08:42 AM | #17
i think she is somehow connected to the emperor

and i cant wait for revan to come back. after waiting 10 years to see the guy... yeah we need more revan. he needs to be shown as a bad ***. and a brilliant military tactition!

ignore the revan haters.

as he said the emperors death is his responsibilty... as long as vitiate lives. revan will live.

also i cant wait for manaan!

and this new ''wookie'' npc we are going to be meeting..... hmmm my guess. ITS ZAALBAR. wookies live a long time.. id be so happy... if we meet zaalbar.. and revan is there with him! omg. the joy. lol

been a sub since launch and will continue to sub until the game or myself is no more. No interest in eso, wildstar, wow, none of that bantha fodder :]
ily bioware <3