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The male presence wasnt unexplored, they were slaves ussually all decended from the same woman as the women were or they were pirates that landed on the planet and were captured by the women as slaves. Every Mating Season witches from different clans would go to other clans and steal men, doing so made those men their new property. The only way a man earned his freedom is if he saved a Woman. The chanting for basic abilities has been removed, the way their social system worked was completely removed just giving men their own tribe instead of having them intigrated like they were before. The back story of how the people came to be as they are no longer all one race has been removed. A lot was removed from what Dathomir was, and the stuff that was added..... WAS AWESOME!!!!!! but the stuff that was retconned or removed was stupid.

You could do a Maul back story with out dumbing down Dathomir, making its lore a shell of its former self.
I'm not really sure what your talking about, nothing has been retconned or removed, all of this is still true...